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During the early Fall of 1896, the Reverend Virgil Speed moved his family from the Tuskuwilla community near Lloyd, Florida to the eastern portion of Leon County called Spring Wood. He purchased more than 700 acres of land for a home site.

After constructing a home for his family, he and his friend and neighbor, Josh Brown, began cutting and dragging logs to build a place for community worship.

In 1898, the first formal worship service was conducted in a small log church that was dedicated as ROCK HILL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH. Its founder, builder and pastor was Reverend Virgil Speed. The church's membership was as follows: Reverend Virgil Speed, Pastor; Mother Susie Speed, First Lady; Deacon Josh Brown; and Sis. Mary Brown.

Reverend Virgil Speed faithfully served the church for 40 years. Following Reverend Speed's death in 1936, Reverend Abram Bryant served as interim pastor.

In 1938, the Reverend Haymon Bryant, brother of the interim pastor, was installed as the second pastor of the church.

During World War II, Reverend Frazier served the church as its third pastor. In 1948, Reverend Sam Howell became the church's fourth pastor. The fifth pastor to lead the congregation was Reverend Lessie Bell. The Reverend George Sneed was the church's sixth pastor. The Reverend York Johnson served as the seventh pastor.

In November 1973, Reverend D.J. Clemons was installed as the eighth pastor and served until October 1978. The church's ninth pastor was Reverend Noland Sowell who served from November 1978 through April 1982. In January 1983, Reverend Harvey Virgil was selected as the tenth pastor. In January 1988, Reverend James Lofton, Jr. became the eleventh pastor.

In April 1995, Reverend Michael T. Williams was asked to serve as interim pastor. In March 1996, Reverend Williams became the twelfth pastor of the ROCK HILL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH where he continues to faithfully serve the congregation.


6127 Proctor Road

Tallahassee, FL 32309

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